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on Friday, 12 June 2015. Posted in Yoga Class

DSC 8388 boston-yoga-smallFalling in love, finding your soul mate, and sealing it with a kiss! These are some of the most joyful moments in a woman’s life that we celebrate! The glowing cheeks of a smiling bride to be, the perfect sparkle of a diamond ring, the unity of two families coming together, and being surrounded by friends brings an energy that is infectious! So what do we do? We throw a party and cherish this beautiful time. Many of us love to throw a party, get dressed up, travel to be together, and share the very special company of our best girlfriends. From engagements, to bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and wedding weekends these are all times of celebrating the woman in our lives that we love! What better than to start off your girls weekend with a private yoga class...your own space, your best friends, and a great play list brought right to your backyard!

If you are planning a weekend away for the girls you have thought about a great place to stay, the grocery list, beaches to hit, outfits to pack, and what to drink...but have you considered a morning workout? Just because it’s a weekend away doesn’t mean you have to skip the workout, especially if it’s designed to be fun and shared with your girls!

I myself am a party planner and a total social butterfly so on girls weekends I love to go all out! I also love to cook so a weekend with the girls often includes lots of eating and drinking which you never really feel bad about when you’ve done a great workout. So why not add a yoga class in the privacy of your weekend getaway location just for the girls. Yoga can be a personal practice, it can be quiet and meditative, but also it can be shared with friends and a celebration too! One of my mantras is always “the more the merrier” so classes will be designed to fit your group and always an offering that is accessible for all levels. My goal is to provide an experience that leaves everyone feeling good, breath work to begin, strengthening and stretching, and a little bit of meditation so that you can quiet the mind keeping yourself present so you don’t miss a moment of this very special time!

Love & Light...Namaste!

P.S. As a party planner if there are add ons that you’d like to include or if you need suggestions on how to make the day extra special, just let me know. I have lots of experience and love pulling together all the little details for an event!

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