About Me:

My yoga practice has flourished from start point on Cape Cod a few years ago, to Boston and the Caribbean now back full circle to teaching at the studio I discovered yoga at. I have a career in hospitality working full time in a hotel event sales by day and book end my days early morning and late evenings teaching yoga. Like many working professionals a weekday schedule can be grueling and hard to find a balance which is exactly why I fell in love with the practice of yoga.

I find the benefits of a yoga practice to be above and beyond words sometimes. That may be because I am just not an eloquent writer. In any case, I find through my yoga practice I am able to manage challenging situations at work and simply in life with more ease and grace. Don’t get me wrong I have days that are complicated, disjointed, and just down right frustrating but I find great comfort in coming to my matt. Possibly more important than what happens on the matt are the benefits of what I have learned on my mat and from my teachers that I can with me out into the world.

I believe that yoga is for everybody, see what I did there, so my approach is to make it simple, make it fun, and make a way for you to connect with your body. This is only the beginning and just as I started this journey to become a yoga teacher nine months ago I told myself to DREAM BIG…and I did! So I am gonna keep on dreamin’. I look forward to meeting you on your mat!!



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