Curious About Starting a Yoga Practice

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Curious About Starting a Yoga Practice?

I remember the earliest stages of when I had decided to take the training to become a yoga teacher. It was a really interesting experience as the feedback I was getting from friends and family was everything from excited to scrutinizing. One comment made that I’ll never forget was “oh god are you going to become one of those yogis that thinks everyone should do yoga”. This really stuck with me because it was such a strong reaction. It was also a great lesson from the beginning not to force or talk too much about my experience because it is simply mine, not anyone else's. As more time passes I can also relate to this comment in that we all have a path, we all find things that we enjoy, we all are attracted to different outlets and don’t want to be judged or persuaded into something that doesn’t bring us joy.

Yoga brings so much more than joy to me personally; mental health, physical health, and community to name a few. All of which I would like more of our society to experience especially in a day and age where so much stimulation, chaos, and expectations are thrown at us. My first thought is knowledge what if people just don’t know about yoga. Who are the people and what do I do to connect to those that simply are not aware of what yoga is. I myself stumbled into my first class on the cape I can’t even recall how other than it was on a Friday night and had Jammin in the title which did seem too “serious”. The second class was in Cambridge and I come to find out later in life was one of the most famous westernized yoga teachers home studio, and boy was that intense. I am finding on a more frequent basis that men in my life are asking and wondering what yoga is all about. I am inspired to write this piece for them!

The questions or gatekeepers that I have come across include:

  • Are there classes for men? There are workshops, which means it is a special class in addition to a studio regularly scheduled classes. Workshops are less frequent than a regular class schedule and they can center around just about any topic. A great opportunity coming up is: January 26th from 1:30 to 3:30 join Luke in Harwich at Power Yoga of Cape Cod for a special Intro to Yoga for Men Class. Also here on the cape just about every studio has well trained, talented, mindful of the body male teachers who might be ones you connect with. Teachers will offer classes based on what they are trained in but also what they feel. A male teacher might offer something you are also in need of, areas of the body specific to men. I find there are also studios or classes on a weekly schedule that is more heavily populated by men which I believe would be given anyone new to the practice a level of comfort.
  • I need to be more in shape before I go to a class.  I would say exactly the opposite. One of the foundational elements of yoga is putting the ego aside and simple step into it.  The class will be lead and there may certainly be things that are said that don’t make sense or exercises that you can not do, the purpose is to do what you can!  Whether you are a beginner or an experienced yogi I would say “find the edge of what you can do, and stay there, breathe into the pose” also “I am offering to teach you to do it if you can and skip it if you can not”.  
  • What if I am not flexible at all? Yoga is NOT about touching your toes or any other sign of flexibility. It is about so much more! There is the work of quitting the mind, moving your breath with intention, moving the body, building strength, and so much more.
  • Is it expensive? It can be. $20 per class if you are just dropping in..but I have some great news to share.
    • Off Season NEW Student Special. The best deal in town if your new is at Orleans Yoga & Pilates, now through March 31st if you sign up at your FIRST class you can get one month of unlimited yoga for $50! (not listed online, ask about it on your first visit there) PS with a drop in class is normally at $20 if you take 3 or more classes in a month you are getting a great deal :)
    • Class passes are also like buying in bulk, every studio will offer them. 5 classes, 10 classes or 15 classes are a great way to take classes for less money per class.
  • What to wear? Attire is basically like any gym clothes. Loose waistband, shorts, tee shirt, secure underwear, and consider layers in the winter months. Really nothing fancy!

When it might be appropriate?

  • If you have a sore, stiff, achy body
  • When experiencing anxiety
  • After a relationship break up
  • When feeling stuck in your life; work, relationship, location
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Depression
  • Weight gain
  • Desire for being a part of a community or meet new people

January is a time that many of us find new routines or explore new activities I hope that if yoga is something of interest this has been helpful. My contact information is all on my website if you have any further questions I would be happy to connect.

The love and the light within me honors and bows to the love and the light within you!


Summer Lovin Series

on Wednesday, 20 June 2018.

Yoga with YBD

All You Need Is One

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IMG juice w flowers1944IMG before 1966Cape Cod is a beloved summer destination to many. What’s not to love?...the pristine beaches, the seafood, and the people. Given the influx of summer visitors one might see it as a transient corner of the world but in fact, it’s the place I feel most connected to the community. To date, my journey has presented the opportunity to live and travel worldwide but it was not until I found my community here on Cape Cod did I feel I belonged to something beautiful. Moving to Cape Cod also coincided with a deep dive into my yoga practice a little more than four years ago.  I believe that yoga is powerful in fact magical. Some of the many ways in which I’ve experienced that magic includes spontaneous dance parties, holding hands, crying when you don’t know why, and bursting out into laughter. Even if you don’t know anyone in class the simple act of breathing together and creating an energy with movement in synch is pure simple perfection.

When you then take this simple idea but everyone in the group that has gathered is connected by one common thread, love for one person, it’s a whole other level.IMG 1964 flower heart bread 250 This past weekend I was honored to be a part of a very special Cape Cod bachelorette weekend for Tara and her bride tribe. Included in the girl’s weekend Tara’s tribe gifted each other a private yoga class led by yours truly (blushing). In the warmth of the living room we rolled out 10 yoga mats and flowed together for a class filled with breath, stillness, giggles, grace, and great music - followed by a very fun champagne bubbly bar. To complete this girl’s afternoon post-class, I hosted a flight of three champagne cocktails to continue the celebration of love. One was paired with a lovely cold pressed juice, the flavor was Harvest from The Local Juice...a match made in heaven!

IMG Childs Pose 1959 250Hanging around the girls this weekend got me thinking about some of my favorite things to do here on the Cape. Whether you’re planning a bachelorette party, a girl’s weekend, or dream wedding I think you will enjoy a few of my favorite stops. A day in the sun, sand, and surf at Wellfleet Cahoon Hollow Beach is pretty epic, followed by a Goombay Smash and dozen oysters at The Beachcomber of course. Provincetown is going to give you street wondering, live music, and of course a tea party. The best kind of party! You can be sure there will be a great DJ, dancing, and as much fun as you can stand! Provincetown is known for a daily “Tea Party” hosted at the Boat Slip when that party wraps just next door and down the boardwalk starts “After Tea”. Complete with a dance floor overlooking beautiful Provincetown harbor The Pied Bar has all your dancing needs. “After Tea” is hosted daily starting at 6:30 with a live DJ spinning great music and no cover. This is a dance floor not to be missed!

IMG after1978In addition to teaching yoga, selling corporate events, and bartending on occasion I am true to the core a hostess. I have a passion for planning parties but for many, it’s a daunting task and something you might want to maybe, as a dear friend says, “throw a little money at it” in order to make it happen. If that is the case I’ve got you too.

Jamie from Cape Cod Celebrations is all you need to know. Whether your best guy friend is trying to plan a very special Cape Cod proposal, your family is hosting an engagement party, you have recently been honored with the title of bridesmaid or you are planning your dream wedding call Cape Cod Celebrations! Jamie and her team are top notch from small and simple to large and extravagant!

IMG drinks 1972Thank you for reading this post! I was honored to hang with this group of Cape Cod ladies for a bachelorette heart opening class then continue to celebrate by popping the bubbly! I love what I do, I love where I live, and I would love to share it with you. Let’s connect!

Namaste, Dana

Womans March

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Pictures from the trip to Washington DC

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Why I am marching

on Wednesday, 18 January 2017.

Cox Yoga Heashots 56 450As a yoga student and teacher it is almost daily that I press my palms together at the center of my heart and whisper the words “The love and the light within me honors and bows to the love and the light within each of you.” It is then that I bow my forehead towards the earth in gratitude to all those that love me, give me strength and support me. I bow to my teachers everywhere and to all that are present at the time. Whether I am part of class beside my community or up in front we bow together in support of one another to continue to let our light shine. Yoga is very much a practice of knowing your body, discovering the breath to help you move into a posture, and being present in each moment on your mat. It is also about the collective breath, spirit, and energy of those people in which you practice next to.

The day after it was determined who had won the 2016 Presidential election I e-mailed my dear aunt Fran a bumbling e-mail. It was not a note with much clarity other than I was confused and could not imagine what this meant for the future. Her response was one of devastation but quickly followed the next day with word that a group of women from her community and women all over the country were going to gather in solidarity in our Nation's Capital. She asked me if I would like to join her group. I mulled over the question for a few short hours and could not think of a reason not to so I said yes. I have a yoga teacher who I always think of when I say yes to the unknow.Cox Yoga Heashots 33 350 She says “be a YES”! Just jump in and try, if you never try you will never know. Not having ever been to a peaceful march or political rally at our Nation's Capital I certainly have no idea what to expect but like my yoga community and every time I come to my mat I know that it will be a space where I can let my light shine just by being me and showing up. I often read this portion of Mariam Wilson’s poem “Our Deepest Fear”, it is perfectly eloquent for this moment;

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

Cox Yoga Heashots 69 250 wTogether each woman that shows up to The March on Washington allows the next woman to let their light shine, together we will light up the world.

This march is not a protest on the inauguration of our country's new President but a peaceful march for like minded men and women of all ages and race that believe “Women’s rights are human rights and human rights are women’s rights”. The organizers of The Women’s March on Washington have published a document outlining a few of the many issues that moving forward all people of power need to understand are important to women.

Similar to the way in which I bow to my practice every time I step onto my yoga mat I am going to Washington, DC in order to bow in gratitude to the leaders who have the strength and see the importance of coming together in order to be heard as one voice for equal rights.

All professional photos for this post were taken by Suzanna March Photography a dear friend and fellow bad ass!

Suzanna March Photography - Lifestyle & Fitness

Spring Yoga

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Spring is here - hope you enjoy it.

How To Handle Change

on Friday, 09 October 2015.

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Life is about ebb and flow, change of tides, lunar seasons, push and pull of the earth as it rotates on it’s axis. If life remained still we would not grow, blossom, live life to the fullest. Growth brings change at times we embrace these changes and others we fear or struggle to manage. There are lunar, seasonal changes which we are experiencing now with the shift of summer to a cooler autumn. The daylight gets a little shorter, the energy of life seems to slow down, there is almost a sense of stillness in the air. This seasonal change typically brings each of us a shift in schedules. Kids are back to school, parents are busy at work, we are enjoying the last moments of this indian summer, and planning ahead for winter months.

This season shift was a powerful one, for weeks of retrograde and an epic lunar event, the super blood moon it was challenging to understand and cope with all of these changes. I have taken a step back and looked at how I handle change, so I thought I would share. Recently I was humbled by a few of my most dedicated early morning yoga students that want to remain taking my class but find with shifts in work and school schedules needed class to end earlier. This idea brought on the thought of earlier start time, nothing really more than a shift in schedule. Rather than fear getting up earlier I have taken three simple steps to enjoy the process of this change.

Love Yoga Fest

on Thursday, 30 July 2015.

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Summer time is in full swing and there is just so much to enjoy! The energy, the life, and the vibrancy of this time of year is simply bliss. I find the most simple moments from picking flowers, feeling sand on my feet, or sleeping with windows open and a warm breeze on my cheek to be the most joyful. I truly believe that people in New England have the best of all worlds. Ok so we get a lot of snow and this winter was pretty epic which I am sure have left some with plans to pack up and never coming back. We also get a gorgeous fall, when you make it through a winter the spring is sweet, and then summer bursts at the seam with life. It’s a time for vacation, fun in the sun, toes in the sand, long summer nights, music outside, bonfires, and so much more. Summer is also the perfect time for festivals. Festivals of all kinds for sure but being a yogi I’d like to tell you about a very special festival near and dear to my heart right in my backyard of Cape Cod Massachusetts.

Earlier this week I wrote to you all about workshops which is a great place to start in understanding what is a yoga festival? Simply put a yoga festival is a weekend long event (typically) that offers a full lineup of workshops. Often there are multiple presenters in each time slot throughout the day creating choices and topics of all kinds. That being said it is like an epic mini universe of yogis, green and novice alike, all in one place teaching and learning the specialty they are super passionate about. Then you sprinkle in some summer sun, a beautiful setting, a marketplace of fun things all yoga and wellness related, topped off with a cherry of amazing live music and great people! Watch this video for a snapshot and complete understanding of all that Love Yoga Festival has to offer.

KEEP READING KEEP READING….here’s the good stuff! If you are interested in attending this years Love Yoga Festival I’d like to offer a very special discount code. I am a friend, volunteer, and supporter of this amazing community event therefore the founders have asked that I share a special $55.00 discount for anyone of my friends that would like to attend for the weekend. When registering for your ticket enter code: LYFDC for this special offer.

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Yoga Work Shops

on Sunday, 26 July 2015. Posted in Yoga Class

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A yoga workshop is like the express train to advancing your practice. Or you could say it’s like an AP course in high school, but MUCH more fun in my opinion. You may be asking yourself what is a workshop? So let’s start there. People that teach yoga are passionate about teaching but also learning. Yogis are always learning! They learn from their teachers, from their students, and simply through living life of course. When a yoga teacher feels they have studied a principle and learned a lesson that they choose to share, they will put together a class that is 90 minutes to two hours and structured around a theme. This is a workshop. The length of time is in order to breakdown the teaching, work on fundamentals, and of course have some fun. I personally have not taken a lot of workshops but I can say for sure everyone that I have taken has been memorable, well crafted, and allowed me to bring teachings from the workshop to my practice.

Going to a yoga class is not the same as attending a workshop. Getting to the studio and on to your mat as part of your weekly routine or stopping in to your favorite studio once in a while for a nice stretch is all perfect. This is what I’d call a practice; showing up, taking time to move your body, clear your mind, maybe work on a goal or a challenge pose. These are all aspects of our individual evolution. This is your practice.

When you take a workshop it is a little different from daily practice because the teacher has gathered all of their knowledge and crafted a special teaching that targets one or two principals. This is what I LOVE about a workshop! It is a lense with a direct line to what someone has studied and poured their heart into. See in a regular class you are typically getting 60 to 75 minutes of asana that are nicely planned to warm the body, move into shapes that stretch and make space in the body, then restore. So there is a nice fluid arch of movement. A workshop differs in that it’s designed to break movements down thoughtfully in order to learn the fundamentals that the teacher is offering. Then magically somewhere down the road in your practice you will find your body remembers those teachings and starts to integrate them into your practice.

The other wonderful aspect of a workshop is that you don’t really know what you are going to get. I mean let me be fair here, you can read the description that are very thoughtfully crafted in order to give the student attending an idea of what to expect. You can also further research the teacher to learn about their background and their specialties. I am not really that kind of person though. I like to read the description, ask around if anyone knows the teacher, and then if I get general good feed back I just go for it. I find it’s really more exciting that way. There are few surprises left in life, so when you open your mind to the possibility of learning and trust in what they have to offer it is just awesome!!!

Now there are real factors that prevent many of us from taking a workshop. Number one reason may be that they can be pricey and they are a bigger time commitment. I am not sure I have any great wisdom on these factors other than they are a reality. So it just takes a little planning, you can save a little each week from your paycheck and carve out some time. Personally I feel they worth it and for me have always been quite inspiring. This is exactly what I did this weekend and I am so happy I did. It’s one of those saying yes to life moments. The talented Matt Giordano was in town teaching a weekend full of workshops and I attended one called “Therapeutically Advancing Your Practice”. There were too many teachings in this two hour offering to go into all of them, plus I don’t think I could do it justice. Matt is an experienced practitioner and an excellent teacher. The one principle I’d like to share in this post is about how we worked the anterior tilt of the pelvis.

The spine has a natural curve so we worked on exaggerating the anterior tilt so that we can use it correctly to make space in the spine. Many of us suffer from disc compression in the low back and with the correct practice of making space in that area your yoga practice can be the therapy needed to naturally to cure these issues. (or at least lessen this pain) Matt’s lesson and what he has to offer in this workshop, a stable pelvis brings mobility in the spine, is just one way yoga can be used as therapy to cure your body's ailments.

Pictured at the top of the page you will see the pelvic tilt in cow pose, really curving the low back then lifting the tail. Then the teaching was to maintain that tilt while pressing into the hands and feet up in to down dog. (I think I got it...but now as you can see from my photo next I need to drop my head in order to really lengthen and take the correct shape of the cervical spine, that will be my work next.) See everything is in progress.

“Stability in the pelvis brings mobility in the spine” Matt Giordano.

As I mentioned this was just one principle we worked on, I would highly recommend you check him out. He travels a bunch so you can check out his website here  maybe he’ll be in your neighborhood. Or maybe there is a workshop at your local studio your not sure about, I say go for it. Say YES to life. Oh also he is on instagram so if you aren’t already, you can follow him here

Thank you Matt for a wonderful teaching. I’m off to class, can’t wait to integrate your teachings to my daily practice!


Matt Giordano FullSize Render smallMatt Giordano and Myself

Bachelorette Yoga Cape Cod

on Tuesday, 23 June 2015. Posted in Bachelorette Yoga

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Harwich, MA

Last weekend I got to be a part of a very special pre wedding weekend. Picture 10 best girlfriends gathered around the kitchen of their beautiful Cape house sipping coffee, chatting about last night, and ready to take on the day. There were plans of eating lobsters, drinking a few bud lights, and surely some good ole bachelorette mischief later but they started the day off with a private yoga session taught by yours truly.

Moments like this are the moments that make me so happy that I took the leap from student to teacher. It was a gorgeous sun filled morning so I quickly gathered my bucket of yoga mats and got to setting up for class. Carefully the final touches of a rose quartz stone placed on each mat and the sweet sound of my wedding weekend tunes played and we were ready to begin. The class was a heart opening class and set with the intention of love and supporting each other during this very special time in Cecilia's life.

It was so nice to see the girls that have never stepped foot on a yoga mat gave it a try and those more experienced really enjoyed how special it is to practice with friends. I’d have to say the highlight for me was tree pose at the top of the mat and everyone could reach out and grab arms with their neighbor and the bride's sister yelled out “yay a group hug!” Yes it was and it was perfect!!! It was their moment, their weekend and I am so glad that I got to be a small part of it. They all got to walk away with a new experience, a little extra love in their hearts, and the gift of yoga with friends.

Bachelorette Party Yoga

on Friday, 12 June 2015. Posted in Yoga Class

DSC 8388 boston-yoga-smallFalling in love, finding your soul mate, and sealing it with a kiss! These are some of the most joyful moments in a woman’s life that we celebrate! The glowing cheeks of a smiling bride to be, the perfect sparkle of a diamond ring, the unity of two families coming together, and being surrounded by friends brings an energy that is infectious! So what do we do? We throw a party and cherish this beautiful time. Many of us love to throw a party, get dressed up, travel to be together, and share the very special company of our best girlfriends. From engagements, to bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and wedding weekends these are all times of celebrating the woman in our lives that we love! What better than to start off your girls weekend with a private yoga class...your own space, your best friends, and a great play list brought right to your backyard!

If you are planning a weekend away for the girls you have thought about a great place to stay, the grocery list, beaches to hit, outfits to pack, and what to drink...but have you considered a morning workout? Just because it’s a weekend away doesn’t mean you have to skip the workout, especially if it’s designed to be fun and shared with your girls!

I myself am a party planner and a total social butterfly so on girls weekends I love to go all out! I also love to cook so a weekend with the girls often includes lots of eating and drinking which you never really feel bad about when you’ve done a great workout. So why not add a yoga class in the privacy of your weekend getaway location just for the girls. Yoga can be a personal practice, it can be quiet and meditative, but also it can be shared with friends and a celebration too! One of my mantras is always “the more the merrier” so classes will be designed to fit your group and always an offering that is accessible for all levels. My goal is to provide an experience that leaves everyone feeling good, breath work to begin, strengthening and stretching, and a little bit of meditation so that you can quiet the mind keeping yourself present so you don’t miss a moment of this very special time!

Love & Light...Namaste!

P.S. As a party planner if there are add ons that you’d like to include or if you need suggestions on how to make the day extra special, just let me know. I have lots of experience and love pulling together all the little details for an event!

Come Meet Me!

on Thursday, 28 May 2015. Posted in Yoga Class

Free Class

Tuesday June 2nd at 6:30 pm for a FREE class at The Moving Meditation Yoga & Pilates Studio. The class will be a fun all levels vinyasa flow with a super fun play list to keep you motivated! Did you know that practice is easier if you sing along? Well it's true!

Also nothing motivates me more than working out with a friend, so call your girl friend or tell your neighbor. Let's see if we can pack the studio and move some serious energy! It will be a great way to kick off your week, see the studio, and sample practice with me! I look forward to meeting you on your mat!


Sun Rise Yoga

on Thursday, 23 April 2015.

Early morning at the beach peace and quite