Love Yoga Fest

on Thursday, 30 July 2015.

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Summer time is in full swing and there is just so much to enjoy! The energy, the life, and the vibrancy of this time of year is simply bliss. I find the most simple moments from picking flowers, feeling sand on my feet, or sleeping with windows open and a warm breeze on my cheek to be the most joyful. I truly believe that people in New England have the best of all worlds. Ok so we get a lot of snow and this winter was pretty epic which I am sure have left some with plans to pack up and never coming back. We also get a gorgeous fall, when you make it through a winter the spring is sweet, and then summer bursts at the seam with life. It’s a time for vacation, fun in the sun, toes in the sand, long summer nights, music outside, bonfires, and so much more. Summer is also the perfect time for festivals. Festivals of all kinds for sure but being a yogi I’d like to tell you about a very special festival near and dear to my heart right in my backyard of Cape Cod Massachusetts.

Earlier this week I wrote to you all about workshops which is a great place to start in understanding what is a yoga festival? Simply put a yoga festival is a weekend long event (typically) that offers a full lineup of workshops. Often there are multiple presenters in each time slot throughout the day creating choices and topics of all kinds. That being said it is like an epic mini universe of yogis, green and novice alike, all in one place teaching and learning the specialty they are super passionate about. Then you sprinkle in some summer sun, a beautiful setting, a marketplace of fun things all yoga and wellness related, topped off with a cherry of amazing live music and great people! Watch this video for a snapshot and complete understanding of all that Love Yoga Festival has to offer.

KEEP READING KEEP READING….here’s the good stuff! If you are interested in attending this years Love Yoga Festival I’d like to offer a very special discount code. I am a friend, volunteer, and supporter of this amazing community event therefore the founders have asked that I share a special $55.00 discount for anyone of my friends that would like to attend for the weekend. When registering for your ticket enter code: LYFDC for this special offer.

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