How To Handle Change

on Friday, 09 October 2015.

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Life is about ebb and flow, change of tides, lunar seasons, push and pull of the earth as it rotates on it’s axis. If life remained still we would not grow, blossom, live life to the fullest. Growth brings change at times we embrace these changes and others we fear or struggle to manage. There are lunar, seasonal changes which we are experiencing now with the shift of summer to a cooler autumn. The daylight gets a little shorter, the energy of life seems to slow down, there is almost a sense of stillness in the air. This seasonal change typically brings each of us a shift in schedules. Kids are back to school, parents are busy at work, we are enjoying the last moments of this indian summer, and planning ahead for winter months.

This season shift was a powerful one, for weeks of retrograde and an epic lunar event, the super blood moon it was challenging to understand and cope with all of these changes. I have taken a step back and looked at how I handle change, so I thought I would share. Recently I was humbled by a few of my most dedicated early morning yoga students that want to remain taking my class but find with shifts in work and school schedules needed class to end earlier. This idea brought on the thought of earlier start time, nothing really more than a shift in schedule. Rather than fear getting up earlier I have taken three simple steps to enjoy the process of this change.

Make a Mental Shift. Meditation is part of my life, in small ways such as yoga, gardening, driving, a walk on the beach, or while cooking dinner. I took some quite time to think about the shift and said to myself this is going to be great. Once you make this shift, accept, you will find a sense of ease and calmness with the change.

Set Yourself Up for Success. After emotionally making the mental shift start to look at your daily process and procedures that can be slightly adjusted. For example with the earlier shift in my teaching schedule I have committed to an early bedtime Monday and Wednesday. I have replaced the battery in my automatic car starter and will continue to get up an hour before teaching for time to make tea and ease into the day, while the car is warming up too ;)

Embrace the Change. Rather than resist the flow of life embrace it. Find happiness where you can, make your mental shift, set yourself up for success, and enjoy the ride. It’s kind of like unexpected traffic. When there is only one way to get to your destination and there is a complete traffic jam rather than lean on the horn, grind your teeth, or get upset...sit back adjust the temperature so you’re comfortable and put your favorite song on….loud...and sing as loud as your heart desires. Sing till you smile and enjoy the ride!

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